Representatives for Outside Committees

Committee Councillors
Planning Committee Mr Allan Shaw
Mr Harold Heaton
Mr Jim Hill
Lengthsman &
Best Kept Village Sub-Committee
All Serving
Parish Councillors
Projects & Funding
Working Party
Mrs Ann Bishop
Mr Jim Hill
(With the Community Centre Trust)
All Serving
Parish Councillors
Representatives to
LALC/Community Futures
Mr Alan Cornwell
Chorley Liaison Mr Alan Cornwell
Chronicle Committee Mrs Ann Bishop
Website Committee Mrs Ellen Butcher
Mr Les Cheetham
Villages in Partnership Mr Allan Shaw
Charnock Richard Charities Mr Jim Hill
Mr Allan Shaw
Mrs Janet Ogden
Almshouse Trustees Mrs Janet Ogden
Community Centre Trust Mr Harold Heaton
Mr Jim Hill
Mrs Lucy Watson
Peter Lathom Charities Mr Jim Hill
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