The Boundary Stone

Boundary Stone001I don’t know how many people have noticed the large stone which had sunk into the verge opposite 220 Chorley Lane. David Williams and I mentioned it to Parish Councillor Ann Bishop and volunteered to resurrect the stone.

On 6th August, a hot, sunny day, we started work. We first had to dig down just over a metre by hand and then, with the help of David Pagan and his tractor, we managed to lift, straighten and reset the stone. It was much larger than we expected!Boundary Stone002

I call it the boundary stone and not a milestone because it is exactly the same shape as the one marking the boundary between Heath Charnock and Adlington and others within the Chorley area. Sadly the lettering has been chiselled off but I think that it must have marked the boundary between Charnock Richard and Welch Whittle.

Mr. Graham Jackson

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