Mill Lane Planters

The Mill Lane Gateway into Charnock Richard was perceived by the Parish Council as a problem spot, at it’s junction with Preston Road the vacant land was being used for a number of purposes that didn’t enhance the area, firstly it was being used as a car park for commuters who were co-sharing transport and wanted to avoid parking on the motorway service area and secondly it was being used to display and advertise cars for sale.

The Parish Council decided on a project that had a dual purpose to deter both the nuisance parking and car sale pitch and would introduce a splash of colour to this gateway into Charnock Richard , this was to install a row of flower planters.IMG_20160625_143603

It took a couple of on site meeting by councillors, who were able and available to attend, to kick-start the project. Councillor Taylor drew up plans that were submitted to Chorley B.C.
Some investigation work to determine the whereabouts of underground cables ,that supplied local street lighting was carried out by Councillor Hill. Oak railway sleepers were purchased locally from Rustic Touch in Charnock Richard.

The site was cleared by Councillor Shaw with his mini-digger, who set up a new track breaking record , I’m sure he will be only to glad to explain this feat over a pint if you catch him at the bar.
The planters were assembled on site by the Mill Lane Planters team of Councillors Heaton,Cheetham,Almond and Shaw who also had the responsibility of filling the planters with soil driving the only String Controlled multi-directional dumper still in current service in the UK.

Our Lengthsman Gordon Yates supplied the floral display that you currently see in the planters and Councillor Cheetham added the finishing touches with a coat of wood stain.
The project whilst vastly improves the vacant plot at Mill Lane and adds a splash of colour to this gateway to the village is not quite complete as a small area to the west of the planters needs a little more work to deter nuisance parking but this will be completed in the near future.

Mel Almond

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