Bus Service Termination

It was brought to the Parish Council’s attention that the C7 Bus service which runs between Lower Adlington, Chorley, Charnock Richard, Eccleston & Croston will be being ended by Stagecoach on 4th February 2017. The service is vital for many residents so they can travel to Chorley & the surroundings areas for work & personal reasons as it is the only bus service which operates within the village.

Please watch the two videos below of how our community has been fighting to retain the service.


A petition has been drawn up to present to Stagecoach to show them the impact this will have on many residents in Charnock Richard & the surrounding area with a view to stop this service being terminated.

The Parish Council would appreciate your support in retaining this bus service so if you could print & sign the petition form below & email it to alanwhittaker1@sky.com to present to Stagecoach on the Parish Council’s behalf we would greatly appreciate it.

C7 Bus Service Petition

If you know of any friends or family who use this service or run a local business which benefits from passing trade, employee travel we would also appreciate your support as well.


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